Extendible Hashing

Extendible Hashing

Extendible hashing is a dynamic hash table technique that allows the hash table to grow and shrink dynamically based on the number of elements stored in it. It is particularly useful when the size of the hash table needs to change frequently or when the number of elements is unknown or varies over time.

In extendible hashing, the hash table consists of a directory and a set of buckets. Each bucket can store a fixed number of key-value pairs. The directory contains a set of pointers to the buckets.

Extendible Hashing Process

The process of extendible hashing can be summarized as follows:

Extendible hashing provides a dynamic and efficient way to handle varying numbers of key-value pairs. It allows the hash table to grow and shrink as needed, ensures a good distribution of data, and allows for efficient search and deletion operations.