I'm Pavan Kalyan, a passionate technologist and software engineer dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise. As the founder of BtechCodeCracker, my mission is to provide a dedicated online platform exclusively tailored for B.Tech students.

Throughout my journey, I have gained valuable experience in web application development and cutting-edge AI projects. With a strong background in Java full-stack development, I have built robust web applications using various technologies.

Currently, I am actively involved in exciting projects that encompass web development and AI. My work includes projects related to ChatGPT, machine learning, and other fascinating areas within the tech industry.

I strongly believe in the power of sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration. Through my website, I aim to provide insights, tutorials, and resources to help aspiring developers and technology enthusiasts on their learning journeys. I am dedicated to simplifying complex concepts and making them accessible to all.

I understand the challenges that B.Tech students face when it comes to coding and programming. That's why I have curated a comprehensive repository of codes, ensuring that students have access to a diverse range of resources to support their learning journey.

What We Offer:

I invite you to explore my website and discover the wealth of knowledge I've compiled. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn 

Koppula Pavan Kalyan Goud.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to connect, please feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or drop me an email at btechcodecracker@gamil.com . Let's embark on a journey of learning and growth together!